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I’ve seen pass a flock of birds; they were hight in the sky, we were covered by a branch while the leaf was falling. We were motionless and heavy.


As like as a Baobab we had resisted as we can, but the flowing is healthy, and it has broken our roots, we’re still rolling away. As like as 33 gold coins the world sell us.

The Resilience and Resistance

We’ll never let us down, and we’ll never disappear although not we’ll never live here. The Vultures are increasing; I suppose that it shouldn’t call it our home.

Who is the next human?

The Resilience and Resistance

Scarlet letters painted on white doves hit the heart while messing souls disappearing. My body it has already broken and the resilience its wear thin. The tears river is a dry out, replacement of bones and blood.

We are not relaxing and not sleeping; we are waiting for our turn on the line to pass the gate. We can see everything just happening. I’m laying down on my mattress in the middle of daily life chaos. A man is looking at me in my eyes, but I can’t reply to him. Why?

I’m tired and bored. Fortunately, the dogs have stopped to chase me. Now, they can’t touch anymore. The Resilience and Resistance are gone.

As like as a century three that it gave its life and saw many humans growth I will reborn. The man is still looking. Immovable on me as like as he’s watching himself. I can’t speak. My voice is deaf. Indeed you are not looking around. You don’t want to listen and watch. Anybody wants.

I’m on the gate; I’m not alone I will follow the light that passes through green leaf kissed by the sunset. The man doesn’t look at me anymore. The dogs don’t bark anymore; anybody could touch again.

Tomorrow is another day, another sun.

Another day of resilience and resistance.

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