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Farewell Ride in the blue sky Islands and pieces of meat are growing up like a flower into in our garden. Are we take care of them? I’m ready on my way.

Dressed hanging in the wind and smell of piss encircle the house the trace bring here. Where are you looking for? This is the interlude.

They have knocked on the door, but anybody has replay. Too much fear? The horizon is hidden from our venom. We spread to much hate.

We don’t feel anything, even the lies. The lies are our story. It is oblivion. Our guests had already arrived.

The sea has heard pass them while the moon daylighting them and the darkness swallow the rest. I was kissed by the fish.

The mute now talks, blind people see while the Deaf is listening to a sound wave. It is a beautiful day to wake up. Isn’t it?

We step on the same land and breathe the same air, the lights scattered along the coast daylighting the others. Can you help me?

Adulterated truth has been created. As a good formed an island.

The smell of our fake promises is overwhelming of circumstance smile. Milk, bread and blood are daily life food. Indian cows have more good manners than us.

I have seen them on television, that spectacular vision the fireworks, but, are the fireworks? No, they are bombs that exploding daylighting the night as like as a day.

I was driving from the light in the sky, a little light, until the cowboy caught me. What did I?

Now, finally, I can look the beast in the eyes, without fear, no preoccupied I’ll be free soon as you think.

I’m sorry, I will not disturb you again; finally, I’ll be able to fly away.

How are so beautiful the lights from the sky?


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