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Letter to Visitors

Artistic research focuses on three specific topics that have always influenced man and his way of life. In the research, It soon deals with time, identity, and copy transform combines.

It has always had an obsession with time, time passing slowly sometimes too fast. The time that influences and marks a person’s life. Time, in a certain sense, is the thing that allows a journey between memories and remember the nostalgic past left behind, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter.

The issue of identity was a natural and consequent step in research on identity that has changed with the passage of “time” growing up and becoming an adult. Identity formation is subject to external, company and internal, personal and family requests—a set of forces that lead to the creation of an identity. Being sometimes bright and explicit, other times a multiverse of personalities enclosed in themselves.

Last but not least, there is the copy, transforms combines. Alternatively, to put it like Kirby Ferguson, everything is a remix. The thesis has based on the fact that it is not possible to create something new. So, this is not possible because being always under stress and influenced by what surrounds us, films, music, books and photographs, we are consciously and unconsciously subject to stimuli of different nature. Being influenced by it, we tend to copy and remodel what we have seen, heard or read. In this sense, great authors can be as an example in the cinematographic field who have wisely used this working methodology—one above all, Quentin Tarantino, with Kill Bill.

These three souls are guiding the artistic research, not surprisingly, they have become a need to which to find answers, or probably questions. To date, research has brought as the first work to turn gaze it to an introspective work, poured into a series of black and white photographs, taken in 6×6 and digitally.

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