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She was sat, the light passed through the window
her smile is shining like as supernova while the stars are disappearing.

Impetuous was the sea while the boat sinks like a Titanic.
You have broken harts blood spill.

Lips soft as like as a hot breath that gives life.
Unknown it was for me, it was life.

I was static during her travel in an unknown sea; I’m still going under
She was sat while I was running away.

From the cage doesn’t go out a dove, only old ghosts
Stronghold on the sea hidden by the fog.

I have seen the world escape from the light and take shelter under fake gods and promises.

First breath after the coma long as like as a life
Colour hair like red ruby, magnetic eyes, lightning and thunderbolt.

As like a fresh wind that refreshes the air,
her love refills my soul how freshwater.

As a wondering that he’s looking a safe place,
but he couldn’t find it and get old.

The time is passed away, as the summer in my heart
She has gone, its too late.

It was not the ocean divides us; it was my fear.
You were sent there, and a peal of thunder has hit me.
It has killed me.

The dice are a trait as like as my destiny.
While the moon was hidden mine shames.
Now, the lights are turned on. I have to dance again.

I remember everything about you. I can’t forget you.
You were set there while I was running away.


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