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Moma, New York

Syrian portraits

This series of portraits that I made is dedicated to the people I met during my travels in Greece and Turkey while collecting the Syrian people's stories. Through these photographs, I have tried to represent the soul and spirit of men and women who, with courage and determination, managed to escape from war. Most of the people I met were and probably still are in a situation of indescribable human hardship. The children, men, and women I met lived in absolute precarious conditions, without a home or a roof over their heads, water, and food. Sometimes, they lived in the middle of the street. Only with the help of humanitarian organizations were they able to receive support with clothes, food, and necessities. But the real drama is that those people are escaping from the war, end up in the limbo of general oblivion. Without valid documents or visas, these people are as if they belong to no place, space, and time. Most of them fled their homeland to escape the war in Syria and ISIS. They have lost everything in their land, not just friends, relatives, brothers, or sisters. Among the guys I met, I ran into ex-combatants or civilians injured during the clashes against the Islamic State. The situation in Syria is still precarious, and we don't know, when and if will finish it soon.
Syrian Portraits