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Shortstory about life and death in coronavirus time


Short Story

Short story about life and death in coronavirus time

If this were a fictional or fictional story, there would probably be a happy ending, but we often know reality can far exceed the imagination. While the Jazz player improvises In playing his music, your departure arrives on time. Always You try not to leave some traces but, often you do not go unnoticed and, Those who stay here pay the highest price. It's always the same story of everything and everyone, life and death are as fast as the Caiman when he bites his prey On the river. From time to time, you dress up as a Gigolo and, go to bed with the chosen one and move on to the Next, so fast it doesn't cure you, of who was there before and after. You got me so fast that. Only my feathers are left and the broken bones, assimilated by the earth. But infuse life and death, I belong to the same world: only the job and the game shirt changes. As Marilyn Monroe wrote, "I wanna be loved by you" because life, He takes what he receives during death, It is greedy on duty. This is the short story of everything after all, with the right, you kill and take with force, With the left, you pierce the heart, Of those who stand and watch helplessly.
Short story