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Re-Imagine. Appropriation, quotation and rielaborations

Research talks about appropriation, quotation, and processing in photography and writing. From here, the research starts. Quoting Georges Didi-Huberman, who states, “Faced with an image, however recent, contemporary it may be, the past at the same time never stops reconfiguring itself, since that image becomes thinkable only in the construction of memory, if not of obsession The work starts from this idea and uses two different languages ​​, such as photography and writing, to be used for the appropriation, quotation, and reworking of well-known and re-imagined authors in a new key. It starts from the 1950s with Robert Frank reportage photographs, up to the news and art photographs of the 2000s, citing image professionals such as Jodice and Koudelka and coming to quote writers linked to the world of poetry with Franco Arminio.
Re Imagine