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Pieceof arts and human beings


Moma, New York

Wikipedia defines human behavior in this way: "It refers to the series of every observable physical action and emotion associated with individuals, as well as with the human race as a whole."

I have always been attracted by the oddities and behaviors of people indoors. Especially today, when technology is radically changing the way we see, hear, and interact with the objects and spaces surrounding us. When I started this project, I was in one of the most chaotic, absurd, and incredible cities. New York manages to mix an imaginable amount of smells, ethnicities, noises, images, and ways of doing and being that make this place truly magical and full of energy. New York is a constant stimulus. So I thought, why not spend some time inside a magical place like New York's MoMA. When I entered, I enjoyed the exhibitions, but, in particular, I started looking and observing what things people were doing in front of a work of art. I found it an exciting and beneficial exercise. I was being able to notice what people are doing inside the museum, especially when people are in front of the artwork and how they interacted with them. You immediately notice the maniacal use of the smartphone, always in hand. "For me, it is a disease." It seems that we can no longer do without this technological tool. It was a continuous search for the perfect selfie in front of their favorite work, and they seemed not to want to enjoy the work itself. It almost seems like it's more important to be there and show your presence to the world, look, I'm here, I'm here you? Rather than the enhancement of the works on display. I left with more questions than answers. Besides having many doubts about the general behavior of people. How do we use the new technology towards a work of art like the smartphone? What are the contexts in which we use them? Does the excessive use of this medium polarize the attention on the user or the work? What social changes will they bring with them?
Piece of arts
contemporary photographer