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Citiesof building lights


New York, Sydney

On the roads of the world

I could stay here talking about New York for weeks, months, years. I have always been fascinated by American culture in the positive sense of the term. Who at least once has not made a feast of American films. The influence that these have had is still strong. Just think of the great American photographers like Robert Capa, Robert Frank, and Garry Winograd. I've always seen New York as a massive hotbed of mixed cultures, people smells, and absurd things. With this series of photographs dedicated to the big apple, I tried to capture what I saw and heard. In 2018 I spent a couple of months in Sydney to study the language and, yes, to disconnect a little from European life and culture. While I was there, I spent time observing how the lights and shadows interacted with the city, buildings, and the people on the street. The smartest and most useful thing to do when you don't know a place is to walk. I walked up and down Sydney's streets almost every day, trying to catch funny moments or some aspects of everyday life. Human behavior, in contrast to the city, can sometimes be bizarre. A gesture as people walk, run, or talk on the street. Thanks to the play of light and shadow that created a beautiful contrast between the skyscrapers of Sydney.
Cities of building lights