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Not everyone has a fate-line. Those who do not have it are entirely free to build our destiny. But for this reason, it can sometimes be challenging to understand how to make it. You should are welcome to try different paths in their life.

How many times we thought if the destiny exists or not. Especially when things are going down in our life. The fate in your hands is a rework a reinterpretation of the meaning of reading hands and their purposes. Thanks to Fiore help we work to transform it into images and find a new vision and sense about reading hands mean. Indeed her hands did not have a destiny line in both sides so, and we decided to use two eyes on her hands that could be considered as a new way to see the future. You also feel free to find your opinion or what you would like to see.

Text and photos are covered from ⓒ Paolo Munari Mandelli 2020


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