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Sydney’s streets

In 2018 I spent a couple of months in Sydney to study, to observe how the lights and shadows interact with the city and its buildings and streets. I walked up and down on Sydney’s roads every day, trying to catch funny moments or some daily life aspect that people work and live in the city.

I have always been attracted by human behaviour in contrast with the city. A gesture that people does while their walking, running or speaking on the roads. Thank you for the game of lights and shadows that have created a beautiful contrast between Sydney’s skyscrapers and on the way.

On aspect that I found most relevant and, I have always been attracted is people use and interact with their smartphone, food and beverage. Everyone has something in their hands — every time. I remember, I thought. How is disconcerting all of it? The technology, it should help us; instead, it can transform a person into a kind of ghost, is shocking. Is like to kill someone so slowly.

Maybe we should not pass as much time as we do now. Should we reconsider our approach and behaviour towards these tools?

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