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The American photography dream.

I can stay here to talk about New York for weeks, months, years. I have always been fascinated by American cultures. I passed my childhood to read and watch American movies. So, I can say that it is reasonable to receive black and white photography influence.

As New York also the photography has received an American influence, that means my vision about photography It has been influenced by the great American photographers like Robert Capa, Robert Frank and Garry Winograd.

I always have seen New York as like a massive forge of mix cultures, people, smell and funny and exceed visual of things. So, with this photographs series is dedicated to the big apple, I have tried to capture what does men for me American style, play with its light and shadows and people that live there. You also considered this series as like my declarations of love for New York City. Maybe it is a banal thing, but it always has in my head and dreams.

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