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Wikipedia definitions for human behaviour are: “refers to the array of every physical action and observable emotion associated with individuals, as well as the human race as a whole.

Communications and interaction want to explore the people conduct and his Internal conflict with the latest technology, especially in front of the artworks inside the museum. How and why we use new technology like a smartphone? Which are the context that we use them? It is clear that how we communicate wich, each other is wholly changed.

For my project, I spent a few time inside the museum, and I found an exciting thing to note what people do inside the museum, especially when people are in front of the artwork, how we interact with them. We are encircled by the smartphone and seems we can’t live without it. We could say that we are the new kind of slave, always in contact with each other, where we can see everything and know everything about the subject. Indeed, it seems that people don’t spend much time to watch a painting or another piece of art.

Instead, It seems that a piece of art it’s less important than us and our presence at the same time that we were there. It appears that it is crucial underline, or demonstrates that we were there. Can you look at me? How is it cool? Do you see me?



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