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Human being portraits

Syrian’s portraits series, It wants to represent the souls of men and women that I have met during my trip to Turkey and Greece.

Most of the people I met were and are in a problematic situation. Now, it could be possible that the situation is not changing very much, despite without house, public water and food, many of them had fought to find the way to escape from the nightmare of the war of Syria. An aspect that I want to underline is, every people I have met has demonstrated an incredibly strong spirit. They never gave up although we still consider them, here in Europe a kind of abstract entity devoid of souls and unsafe for the people that live in Europe.

The incredible eccentricity that we still demonstrate against these people is a lasting mark on each of us. It is a clear example that we did not understand and learned anything from our past. It is a clear sign that our politics and society have transformed the next, to something that we should feel fear.

Syrian’s portraits series, talk about a human being, talk about us.


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