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Dispatch from Chios.

Many refugees arrive in Chios in the last three years. Every day’s people escape from the war, and they’re trying to cross the sea. They come from Afganistan, Iraq and Syria. They’re passing the sea during the night when the weather is good. Alternatively, they must wait on the Turkey coast before to left Turkey. But, sometimes a few dinghies crossing the sea in the middle of the storm.

When the weather is not ideal for crossing the sea, refugees have had a discount, because it is hazardous to traverse the sea during the night in the middle of a storm with a rough sea. The trafficker doesn’t care about that and them. Each one,e wears a fake life jacket. The distance from Turkey to Chios coast it’s only 8 km. When these people join at a destination, they arrived wet and, most of the case lost everything, passport, jewellery, baby toys, books, shoe.

Fortunately, in Chios, many volunteers are helping the refugee when they are coming in Chios. They’re helping from volunteers to changing their cloth, and they’re receiving some items, new and clean socks, trousers, t-shirts, all it necessary. After that, they’re collecting food, waters and fruits and while receiving some help, they’re waiting for a bus for going to the registration centre in Chios.

Most of them, are a pregnant woman, babies just born, young boys and girls alone and, some times accompanied by their parents or brothers and sisters. After few days refugees received permission to left Chios and moving with ferries going to Athens and try to continue their travel outside Greece through Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary in search a new life in Germany, Sweden or Norway.


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