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When you are looking back, especially what you did in the old stories, and memories, documentaries get out like a river in flood. With the last day of the years, I decided to dedicate times to watching my photographs archive and how you can imagine, I have seen all my past.

When I saw the old photos that I had taken, I saw myself, before to become a professional photographer, I mean, before to decided to become what would like to to be and to do. Indeed, before to do something, it is essential to organise your work, and why not, watch documentaries. One memory that is very important and significant for me is when I decided to went with an Onlus, on the border with Syria, in Kills.

An Onlus had accompanied me on the border between Syria and Turkey. Here, I had met a young man that had fought in the Syrian’s war. He had been injured during the firefight. After that, he and his young brother were escaped from the war and arrived at Killis. Turkey. I remembered that, despite their conditions, far away from their home and their land, they had enormous courage, energetic spirit and incredible perseverance to live. Unfortunately, I’ve never had more news about them. I don’t know where they are now.

Another beautiful memory is a scene from one father and his children. I was in Sighet, Romania, and I remember that I saw them in a hospital in Sighet. A perfect photo, a precise moment where you can find a beautiful scene of interaction, communication and love between one father and his child.

Is not easy to know yourself or who we are. It’s a long journey that will be accompanied by the end of our life. As a man and photographer, I was lucky because I discovered new places, and met a lot of beautiful people,  I had been explored a country like Australia, Marocco, Japan and America. I’m watching my archive, and I and I review all my memories, the mistake that I had made and all lost occasion. But I still view the new opportunity thanks to my experience that I had made.

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