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The voice hurls empty inside an emptied body, while with striking portentous strikes. We are encircled. We listen to the emptiness of the words we speak. We watch, and we do not see, we hear and we become more and deafer, drunk of nothingness, of the futile.

Life comes and goes like sunrise and sunset, and death has just knocked on the door, you smile and set off on your journey. They come on time every day and every evening. They are your fears. Get up; the sun is rising. Life is still a fat cow where to draw palm oil.

The futility of the ego absorbs us. Night animates life while the day kills wandering men and women. Subjugated, mowed and repressed. Bend on your back without being able to fight. The time of the proper words is over, and now we are illuminated in blue. The new tyrants play with our lives.

Here and now, they are only fleeting moments of joy and death. Here we are dead and now, all to make proclamations, hymns to what you have never been. Happy and free. Wait, there’s still time.

I saw you pass by, you were there, in front of me. I did not have the courage and the time passed quickly. I keep hearing your voice in the distance, or maybe it’s just an echo from the past. Is it only my imagination? No, it’s the ghosts that come back to torment me.

We are only pedestrians in the hands of a furious god and ruled by madmen. The voice hurls empty inside a body emptied, devoid of life, is breathing the slow poison called life. Inert in front of so much intoxicating wickedness.

Welcome to the new world, dear friend. You’ve just been born and, you’re already dead.

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