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An ocean, a thousand kilometres and scorching land. In the middle of the ocean, there isn't a Congestion. Only the reflex stars on the deep blue. The way has signed as like as a life I already had left behind.

The Crown Laurels and Heads are our lords. Prisoner of the emotions, the heart beating, eyes crying and life is gone. Oceans, ample gelid blanket that hid the secrets. We had heard them, but only the moon it has seen pass them.

The sound of silence is a din deafening like a thousand tacit agreement. Hidden clapping. It has gone, and the world it's still watching like a circus. We are not the spectator, we are the player, and we are losing the game.

I saw you pass by, you were there, in front of me. I did not have the courage and the time passed quickly. I keep hearing your voice in the distance, or maybe it's just an echo from the past. Is it only my imagination? No, it's the ghosts that come back to torment me.

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