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Black to black, old ghosts, everything is old and the time is stuck in the traffic of life. We are borning. 5 minutes even and I will wake up. The blankets are still warm.

I saw you in the mirror-like a dark shadow following his victim. During the 60th seconds between the day and the night, fantastic creature dancing. After that, nothing.

The perfume of spring feel in the air; beautiful memories are far away; there is only the dust. It all fake, nothing is pure. Our soul is corrupt from necessity and needs.

It is a magic moment, which is a perfect time. You can believe that all is possible, the street has no name, no signs, only yourself.
Closed eyes, flipped light, is already day.

A Midnight is a safe port; smell and perfume are mixing along with the sea where reflexing a thousand of stars. Is midnight and soft, breezy kiss our body.

Take your time, think a lot, the morning has broken and the night is coming. We’re still young until the day after tomorrow. Midnight gives present to all couple of lovers.

Warm and cold like old creatures that reproduction between the sheets. Old drinking friends.

Roamers are the midnight dreamers, able to do all they think.
Light like a plume and fast as the wind.

Eyes closed while the heart is beating, light sighs in the night and first light out of a window. The magic of the midnight disappearing as well as you. Like me.

We were vanishing on the first breath of life. First light of the sunrise. It has consumed us. Life has murdered us.

It is a sweet sleeping between two worlds. Have someone besides you is a miracle, a gift. Midnight you give me away, let me dreaming once again. I’m exhausted, tired, bored. It’s too hard.

Midnight, lovely partner of secret game.
Eyes closed, it already has tomorrow.

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