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How to come back to see again could be a movie title but, fortunately for me, it is not.

I passed the last two month to try to rebuild my photography vision and build a new path that can give to myself to explore a new way to see and watch the world. Thanks to Fondazione Modena Arti Visive and its instructor, I have the opportunity to know better myself as a person and consequently as a photographer, acquiring new skills.

The first step is, recognize to have a problem or being blocked.
Don’t worry, I’m not addicted to alcohol. When I arrived in FMAV, I did not have an awareness of what will happen and what I should do it. Mainly I was not prepared to work on myself as hard as I did, and I still do. I brought with me many doubts, personal and professional. One aspect that I’m working on is how the creative process can help me to build my project and transform it into images. The selection images process and how to read them into a specific contest or not.

I come from a documentary and photojournalist field and, as you can image, these fields have clear lines rules. So for me, approach a new image vision, or artistic vision is quite tricky. Is not easy to change his own way to see the things.


What comes after? I started to reevaluate everything I did before I arrived here. An aspect that I find very interesting is how people can read and watch my photographies. How they find a symbolic meaning or their personal experience can influence the photography reading and, which sens they find into it. The photography has incredible power, it can push us to make a question, explore an infinitive and deep oceans that are inside us. It can move our balance positively and negatively way.

My travel has just begun, especially as a student, but I’m sure I ‘ll find many challenges in front of me. Many of them will be personal challenges, and from now on, I’ll confront with them, with renews confidence and awareness of myself.

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