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I passed the last two month to try to rebuild my photography vision and build a new path that can give to myself to explore a new way to see and watch the world. Thanks to Fondazione Modena Arti Visive and its instructor, I have the opportunity to know better myself as a person and consequently as a photographer, acquiring new skills.

The forest is life, breaths, is born, grows and dies. Water nourishes and bathes the seed hidden in the earth's womb. Everything flourishes and lives in harmony with itself. Heavy stones roll down the mountain. Am I just passing through? The broken trunks are the scars. Everything works and everything is what it needs to be. Too bad we are already dead outside.

In front of truth like a mirror reflex, your image as a light embraces the darkness we live unaware. That stupidity, I have a rendezvous, and I'm still here. Oh gosh, it was a dream what a fucking idea I've had. The earth swam in worms like ravens peeing on our head. This is our life.

So, I'm here now, and I'm trying to talk about myself. The dream is a beautiful and powerful word; we should take care of it. Have the abilities to transform dreams into something real is quite complicate and dangerous, sometimes.

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