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What an artist doing

We start from the assumption that every artistic product is a self-portrait. So, an artist looking at the world with our own eyes means reinterpreting and modifying it continuously.

Following your artistic current is like swimming in an immense ocean; if you don’t throw yourself, you will never be able to explore, touch its depths, and discover its beauties and peculiarities. Kirby Ferguson argues that Everything is a remix: “We are so influenced by our culture, internal and external, by our surroundings, that it is not possible to create something new, which has never been seen before.” Starting from this summary, I began my journey of approaching the world of contemporary art and exploring and seeing the world through specific lines of research.

  • The research began with the use of appropriation, citation, and reworking. It was moving in the field of a photographic image in all its categories; reportage, portrait, and documentary art. In addition to working with photography and images, digital and analog, I also used appropriation, quotation, and processing in the language of writing, choosing authors linked to the world of poetry.
  • The research was further expanded when I found and felt a particular affinity with the artistic current linked to Marcel Duchamp’s Ready-Made. His works of art, as well as his writings, are always of personal inspiration. The very concept of using everyday objects and transforming them into works of art is very relevant, especially if we consider our contemporary society as use and consumption and therefore the waste we produce every day. In this, digital art is a further stimulus and allows a further study of Ready-Made’s concept as we know it from its origins. Both in terms of matter, physically but also in the digital world, online.
  • The last field of research is related to the most intimate and personal aspects. Dealing with oneself is internal is a tortuous path, above all because it pushes you to continuous external and internal confrontations. In this, Dadaism’s vision and ideas, like those of the artistic current linked to Surrealism, are the highest personal and intimate expression of my human and cultural conscience.

The intent is to embrace these artistic movements and, at the same time, look at our society, trying to build a critical and constructive point of view. Develop a debate towards oneself to be able to see and hear others and what surrounds us. Today, more than ever, it is essential to seek new points of view and experiment so that we can create a constructive discourse as broad and open as possible through the creation of artistic works. That can help the user become aware and conscious about the vision of our times’ critical issues. Today, more than ever, it is essential for the author and artist to have a look at the vital issues that surround us, not so much to solve the problem but to help them gain insight and awareness of the essential topics of society.

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