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Who I Am

I am an Italian artist photographer, I work with photography and images to understand the world, express myself, and travel inside an imaginary place.

As an artist photographer, my journey started in 2007, when I decided to transform his passion into a professional path. I obtained many different masters in the photography field that included; visual communications, reportage, fashion, and darkroom printing — attending John Kaverdash academy, based in Milan. I expanded my professional skills working as an intern and photographer at a photo-journalistic agency based in Milan.

I continued to work as a freelance photographer and make the experience travel around the world. My passion and dedication to reportage and documentary photography have brought me to cover and investigate Syria’s crisis. I went to Killis a little city close to Syria’s border, where I saw the terrible effect of war, here I’ve met many young Syrian women and men escaped from their home because of ISIS and found shelter in another country.

After that, I spent the last two years traveling between Athens and Chios to document the immigrants’ disembarkation. After Grece’s work, in 2017, I went to Belgrade to cover the immigrant arrival from the Balkans route. I show the project Dispatches from Belgrade at Leica Store Bologna in 2017, where you can find a short interview about it.


Finding a new point o view as an artist photographer


Now I am in Italy, with a base in Bologna where I work and live. After I spent many times in the documentary field, I decided to expand my professional skills and research field, obtaining a specialization in a contemporary image, attending a master in the contemporary image at Fondazione Modena Arti Visive, based in Modena, Italy.