A fable as a big as the smile

Fable and fleeting instant, a broken heart and split smile. They told us to believe, in what?

It’s midnight, the lights are low, and you should stay under the blanket, they use to protect us from the black man.

Old fable remembers all of us that there was a moral.

Putrid beasts dancing, old ladies follow the dance’s creatures meanwhile the dead hymn playing.

Where are you now?

Lover of the light, whispers in the dark, precious ruby nestle in the night. Young Lions were playing in the enemy field when the faith catches them. They woke up too early.

Fairy-like a dream close in the cage, get old, they already have been fade. Old heroes ask the charity on the corner of the road.

Where are you now? Where were we, meanwhile the wolf steal our future, our dreams? We are still sleeping. But, we had to believe it.

A fable as a big as the smile, starlight, interstellar voyage and unknown world, dead star.

The word has broken, the black parade it begins, neither the black cat has not more life.

Where are you now? The fable as a big as the smile it’s a lie we are encircled by untruth smile and fake promises dressed by the bitter truth. You won’t feel anything.

Too much sky over me spread out I can see thousand people pass on me, the roots are encircling me, and you can’t follow me, not now.

Feel the thrill, and highfalutin song talks of us talk about our achievements meanwhile the cicada deafen everything and everyone.

Oh, so sorry, I didn’t tell you, I’m not here, I can see you, but not you. My eyes are closed. I was not ready to smile it, and my fable had gone. It has been to fast. It cath me to early.